Welcome to New Hearing, you local hearing care provider! We are people who are invested in our patients and want to make sure that we can improve your quality of life by improving your hearing. We offer the latest technology hearing aids at affordable prices. With different technology levels and styles of hearing aids, we can find something that will suit your loss and your life style. Give us a call to set up an appointment so we can show you what you've been missing out on.









Why Us?


Many health insurance plans help pay the cost of hearing aids.

  1. We believe hearing aids should be more affordable.

  2. We believe that we can deliver great hearing aids AND do it more affordably. 

  3. By using your insurance benefits you can lower your out of pocket costs. 

  4. Too many offices don't accept insurance, leaving you to pay the full cost.  

  5. Your best improvement with hearing aids depends on having a dependable, local provider.

  6. By coordinating with your insurance you receive most most affordable hearing improvement possible. 



  • Hearing evaluation to assess your degree of hearing loss. 

  • Consultation to assess the most appropriate hearing aids for your hearing loss. 

  • Decipher your health insurance benefits to help you know what they will and won't pay. 

  • Dispensing and programming state of the art hearing aids. Prices starting at $875.​

  • Use of multiple brands and manufacturers of hearing aids. 

  • ​Coordinating your insurance benefits. 

  • Payments plans starting at $35/mo when insurance doesn't cover all the cost. 

  • Service on most hearing aid brands.  



“New Hearing gave me exactly what I needed and has never tried to 'sell' me on anything. Highly recommended!"