Will insurance pay for my hearing aids?

Yes and no. Most insurance companies are now going through 3rd parties to provide you with hearing aids. Some of the plans offer a benefit that will go towards your hearing aid purchase while others only offer hearing aids at a "discounted price" compared to MSRP or they use their own brand of hearing aid. 

What do you mean "discounted price?"

Simple, their price compared to the MSRP of the hearing aid(s) are at a discount. However, some small businesses, like New Hearing, offer prices that are competitive with the discount programs.

I would like to see if my insurance has any hearing aid benefit. How do I do that?

We would need some of your information: Name, date of birth, insurance company, member number, etc. and we would be able to call to see if you have a benefit or not. After learning what your benefit is, if applicable, we will let you know and give you a few options on how to purchase hearing aids.

What will my insurance benefit cover?

Only the price of the hearing aid. Insurance will not pay for the necessary cleanings or adjustments of the hearing aids. That is your financial responsibility.

Can I buy a hearing aid off the internet and have you program it?

Buying hearing aids off the internet can be a gamble.  If you have no idea what your hearing loss is or what your needs call for the chances of picking something that is not suited for you, not have any warranty information on the hearing aid, maybe choosing a past generation of technology, or choosing a brand I do not deal with here are very high. A lot of risk comes with that.

You have questions and we want to answer them. Give us a call or set up an appointment so we can answer all your hearing related questions