Three Levels of Technology - The Details

Essential.​                        $875/aid

                                                                    + service

This technology offers basic hearing improvement for those who are not in busy environments. Useful for those who have simple needs; hearing around the house, making TV clearer, understanding the family in quiet environments.

Features digital technology, feedback cancellation, automatic volume control, and three independent memories for clear sound in normal situations.

  • Programmable

  • 4 channels

  • 3 memories

  • Manual directional microphones

  • Optional telecoil (on some models)


3 year manufacturer warranty for repair / loss

30 day trial period.  


Compares to other offices charging $1500 - $2000/aid.  

Improved.​                   $1150/aid

                                                                    + service

Mid-level technology suited for an average lifestyle that includes some group activities. Has some ability to lower background noise in restaurants and groups, some eating out, church, and social interaction outside the home.

Features automatic volume control, automatic directional microphones to minimize background noise, basic digital noise reduction. 

  • 8 channels

  • 4 memories

  • Automatic directional microphones

  • Remote control available

  • Digital noise reduction

  • Feedback manager

  • Optional telecoil (on some models)


3 year manfacturer warranty for repair / loss. 

30 day trial period. 


Compares to other offices charging $2000 - $2500/aid.  

Premium.​                  $1510/aid

                                                                 + service

Newest innovations always occur first at this level.  Offers best technology to lower background noise, improve clarity, and to use as much of your hearing range as possible. 

Best ability to understand even in the busiest situations; large restaurants, work place, public places. Offers most natural hearing for music and performances. Features include adaptive directional microphones, frequency compression, automatic situation optimizer.  

  • 16 channels

  • 4 memories

  • Adaptive directional microphones

  • Echo & wind noise block

  • Remote control available

  • Bluetooth wireless accessible

  • Automatic telecoil (on some models)


3 year manufacturer warranty for repair & loss

30 day trial period


Compares to other offices charging $2800 - $3500/aid.  

Service.​       $375 for one hearing aid. $500 for two.  

For your hearing aids to work for you, each device has to be prescribed, programmed, and adjusted for your specific hearing loss and ears.  The Service covers every part of the process to ensure that your hearing aids are adjusted exactly right for you. This usually requires 3 office visits.   


After your initial 60 days each visit is $60 per visit.  It is expected you will need only 1 per year.      


Why do we unbundle?  Read more here.