The New Hearing Difference

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Experts in using insurance benefits for your best hearing

Heath Insurance Benefits

More and more health plans are offering payment for all or part of your hearing aid cost. But it's a confusing process that few offices, and even fewer patients, understand.  We have made it our mission to understand just how to use the maximum benefits that your plans offer.

We know where to call, who to talk to, and how to get approval for your hearing aid benefits.  


Most offices either don't participate with your plan or just don't want to deal with the hassle of it. The big box stores that sell hearing aids don't work with your health insurance, either.

But we do.

If fact, in your first visit we'll try to know exactly what your health plan covers, explain it to you, and create a treatment plan with that in mind.  

low cost hearing aids Winston-Salem, affordable hearing aids, hearing aid fees, hearing aid services
Lower Upfront Costs
No Upcharges

Sensible Pricing

For many people their insurance doesn't pay for hearing aids. Not to worry, we have an affordable way for you to purchase hearing aids. 

We believe hearing aids have always cost too much. Here's why:

Traditionally the cost for hearing aids includes upcharges to cover services you may need in the future. This inflates your initial cost by up to 50% and raises the price so high that you avoid getting the exact hearing aids you need.  


Our New Solution:

  • Select the most affordable hearing aids for your situation. We have the 4 levels of hearing aids: essential technology, improved technology, premium technology, and deluxe technology.  

  • Pay only for the services you need to ensure the hearing aids are operating properly.   

  • Anytime you need assistiance you call us. 


See here for information about pricing and technology.


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Best Technology from multiple manufacturers

We Use Only New Technology 


Over the past several years digital hearing aids have improved in many fronts. Innovations in cell phones and other electronics have found their way into hearing aids and the clarity is better than ever.

At New Hearing we use only devices from technology companies that offer these improvements. 

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People Who Understand Technology

Professional Guidance 

Hearing aids are technological devices that are ever changing. At New Hearing you will see our Hearing Aid Specialist, Thomas Mills, who is a technology specialist.  

In this day you want guidance from someone is has grown up around and with ever-changing technology.  Thomas offers a unique blend of education - a oollege degree that includes hearing disorders - and on the job training working with local Doctors of Audiology.  He has a unique perspective on using technology to solve hearing problems.  


Read more about our specialist, Thomas Mills.