Better Hearing = Better Quality of Life

Hearing is Key to Quality of Life

90% of Americans with vision loss wear glasses or contacts. Over 150 million Americans have had their vision examined and have purchased glasses or contacts; another 1 million per year have some type of corrective surgery to improve vision.

Compare that to hearing loss; only 25% of Americans with hearing loss have made any attempt to improve it.

Why the discrepancy? One of the important questions is - Do Hearing Aids Work? Since 75% of those who would benefit do not use hearing aids it's a question worth asking.

Put simply, not only do hearing aids dramatically improve hearing but they can also have a profound, positive impact on quality of life.

According to MareTrak VIII hearing aid data, an excellent database that queried thousands of hearing aid users, the answer is a resounding YES!

Hearing aids improve hearing across all listening situations. While some situations were better than others, hearing aids were beneficial in even the most challenging listening situations.

For example, in quiet conversations, hearing aids reduce hearing handicap by an average of 70%. Even in louder situations like restaurant meals, hearing handicap reduction averages 50%.

More than 90% of hearing aid users experience a reduction in overall hearing handicap.

Their data leads to an even more important conclusion - Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life. 68% of hearing aid users report "better" or "a lot better" quality of life for "effectiveness of communications.

From MarkeTrak: "The even better news is that large numbers of hearing aid users report improved quality of life for reasons that might not even seem to be related to hearing in the first place. For example, nearly 50% of respondents reported an improved sense of safety in their day-to-day life. And more than a quarter reported "improved mental/cognitive skills."

Those are impressive improvements that are gained simply by making your hearing better. In fact, as shown in the graphic here, hearing aids improve quality of life on a wide range of dimensions, across large sections of the population.

Do hearing aids restore normal hearing? Of course not. When you have hearing loss any hearing correction can only work with the hearing you have remaining - and this is often the most damaged part of your hearing. Since hearing aids stimulate only what is remaining you can never expect normal hearing. However, hearing improvement DOES mean true improvements to a degree that your quality of life is measurable improved as well.

Call us today and learn how you too can easily improve your quality of life.


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